Illustrations by David R. Purnell, M.A. / NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio • 507-744-5408
Selected clients:
3M Oral Care (combined former 3M ESPE Dental division and 3M Unitek Orthodontics division), Colgate, Medtronic, Boston Scientific (and formerly as Cardiac Pacemakers, and Guidant), American Medical Systems, ProVation Medical/Wolters Kluwer, Clarus Medical, CVRx, Lifecore Biomedical, Tamarack, Zipnosis, Stude-Becker Advertising, AllOut Marketing, Vita Group, Graff Group, HealthCare Academy, Introworks, and Medical Alley.
Atherosclerotic Plaque in an Artery
"Plugging In To Outplay Paralysis" (editorial)
Inside the cardiac right ventricle
504.2 Duodenal Switch_REV
MEDICAL ALLEY Directory cover, 10th Edition
3D model of vascular stent
Medtronic SynchroMed™ Programmable Infusion Pump
for Cancer Pain brohcure
Orthotic vest, for spinal pressure pain relief
Light curing of crown
Dentinal Tubules
Endotracheal procedure
Clarus SITEprobe® and SITEtrac® 
IntraCoil® Stent
DNA double helix, with the "ladder rungs" — which are nucleotides composed, in part, by the base pair that forms each "rung." DARK BLUE represents Thymine, and is normally bonded to Adenine (LIGHT BLUE). DARK GREEN represents Guanine, and is normally bonded to Cytosine (LIGHT GREEN). A mutation results when bonding of the base pairs diverges from this standard bonding of complementary bases. In addition to the base pairs, each DNA nucleotide consists of a deoxyribose sugar  molecule and a phosphate group. It is the sugar-plus-phosphate that forms the helical ribbon structure, sometimes referred to as the "backbone" of the DNA molecule.
Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (L-RLND)
Perineal-approach, Finger-assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy
These are two of many surgical procedures I attended and illustrated while on staff as the Chief Medical/Surgical Illustrator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.
Bypass Graft (1) with enlarged Pulmonary Artery trunk, associated with COPD
Bypass Graft (2) with enlarged Pulmonary Artery trunk, associated with COPD
Pacemaker voltage (Cardiac Pacemakers>Guidant>Boston Scientific)
Ventak AV (Cardiac Pacemakers>Guidant>Boston Scientific)