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    The Netflix Original Display Pages
If you've ever watched any Netlix original content, then you might have seen an Originals Display Page.
The idea for the Netflix Originals Display Page was to create a source of truth for each of our titles. One approach that we could have taken was to follow the industry and create microsites for each title, however we knew that was not likely to give our members the best way to watch our content.
Instead we integrated the pages into the website with a new template that worked in phases. Between the first promotional phase and the final phase when the episodes are ready to stream, the page continues to add new modules.
Early Concepts
In the early concepts we didn’t have art assets for our original content yet, which led us to use Sons of Anarchy and other shows for placement only. We went broad in exploration as we always do. Towards the end a longer scrolling page solved the problems the best. Here are some of our explorations:
We wanted the pages to be rich with imagery and metadata to draw the user into the story. Those decisions led us to expose the images and synopsis for each episode. We also wanted to leverage the originals to help in acquiring new Netflix members, so we created unique URLs for each original and allowed non-members to view these pages. The early comps were quickly put together with imagery from other Kevin Spacey films and fake key art.
The director, David Fincher, did the actual photography for House of Cards key art. The photography was fantastic and we worked with him and the renowned Creative Director Neil Kellerhouse to make sure their vision was realized. We also spent time explaining how our service worked and how we designed for the business of Streaming Video.
Each original is handled with care and crafted to work with the template we developed. Working within our own requirements is a great way to lead to amazing results. The character module for Arrested Development, shown below, is a great example of innovation within constraints.