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10 Design | Pengcheng Laboratory Park Phase 1
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10 Design appointed to lead on the design of Shenzhen Pengcheng Laboratory in China
10 Design has been appointed to realise the design vision of the Shenzhen
Government for phase one of the city’s forthcoming flagship scientific research facility,
the Shenzhen Pengcheng laboratory. The practice won the project following a national
public tender process held by the Shenzhen Government and Pengcheng Laboratory.
Phase one of the schemes’ wider masterplan will manifest in circa 436,500 sqm
of laboratory space incorporating a series of research spaces, with accompanying
recreation, dining, sports and social facilities. 10 Design’s brief is to design a space
which promotes social interaction between the researchers who will occupy the site.
In order to do this, their plans are to position social amenity spaces at the heart of
the scheme, complemented by a series of elevated connected walkaways which
navigate the terrain and the internal movement to allow connectivity and fluidity when
passing through. This part of the development will be split into three main sections,
the northern campus, the southern campus, and the central social hub with VIP
conference facility and a focal sculptural element.
Nick Cordingley, Design Partner at 10 Design commented: “This project will be a
high profile scheme for the scientific research community within China. Our plans have
been assembled to create a holistic response to the design brief and the challenging
terrain of the site and it’s surrounding context. We’ve encompassed the client’s vision
of a series of research spaces in harmony with the surrounding green landscape
and kept social interaction at the very forefront of the design work. It’s a key project
which adds to our multifaceted portfolio of international work and we’re pleased to be
encouraging innovation in science and technology by designing a space which will
facilitate collaborative work.”
10 Design appointed to lead on the design of Shenzhen Pengcheng
Laboratory in China
Jason Easter, Associate Partner at 10 Design highlighted that social interaction
and cohesion with the surrounding area are our key design drivers to this project.
Whilst the research elements of the project are vital to positioning the centre as world
leading, the design team has envisioned attractive supporting spaces in terms of
living, recreation, dining and social to make the asset a real destination.
Edmond Lau, Associate Partner of 10 Design explained that once complete, the
scheme will be one of four major provincial laboratories in Guangdong and aims to
attract the best talent from across the globe to accelerate scientific discovery. The
project represents a significant investment into the future of scientific research within
the Greater Bay area.
For media enquiries, please drop a note to Catherine Chan, Partner - Marketing at
10 Design | Pengcheng Laboratory Park Phase 1

10 Design | Pengcheng Laboratory Park Phase 1


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