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    All of my hand drawn works, be they for clients or personal works.
These are images that have been hand drawn by me
Instead of each piece having it's own project, I figured it's neater and easier to have all of my illustrations in one folder. These are my favorite pieces I have done so far, some are personal works, some are client commissions, all have special meaning for me though since I usually put a decent amount of time into each of these. (About 18 hours + from conception to execution) All of these pieces are mixed media on 18"x24" paper.
Cannibalised - SOLD
Depart From Me
Follow Me Down - My favorite piece. NFS
Fear Of Tigers - Client Commision
Works in Progress/Detail Shots
These are as of yet unfinished works and detail shots of the pieces presented above :)
A new, as of yet untitled piece, WIP
Some detail on Follow Me Down
Basic line work with pen and graphite pencil for Depart From Me
More details in ink...
Detailing the eye a bit
The face comes into shape...
Outline work for the hands in Cannibalised