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OBJECT 01 - Candle
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OBJECT by New Studio​​​​​​​

1.  A material thing that can be seen and touched
2.  The goal or end of an effort or activity 
3.  A cause for attention and concern.
1.  To oppose something firmly and usually with words or arguments
2.  To feel distaste for something
3.  To express one’s disapproval of or disagreement with something

Objects can tell a story, objects can have meaning or make a statement. 

We are happy to announce a new project, it’s called OBJECT by New Studio. We see OBJECT as an experimentation platform where we explore all sorts of different objects. These objects will roll out every other month. We are aiming to create meaningful, yet beautiful objects with a message.
The Plastic Problem

- 50% of all plastics produced are single-use and get thrown out after less than 1min
- Less than 9% of all produced plastics get recycled
- It takes app 450 years for plastics to decompose
- Over 10 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans annually
- 1 Million marine animals are killed by plastic pollution every year
- Plastic waste is projected to increase by 20% over the next 30 years

We have grown to be dependent on plastics in every aspect of our lives. In the timeline of our human and industrial evolution, plastics have only been around for about 100 years. However, the damage it has caused so far, like driving some species extinct, will take hundreds of years for the planet to recover and that is considering we stop all production and consumption of non-biodegradable/eco-friendly plastics right now. 

Plastic alternatives do exist, and researchers and scientists are rapidly developing new solutions which are capable to have the same, or in some cases even better, material properties than the chemical plastics currently produced. But this is only one part of the solution, first and foremost we need to change our consumption behavior and habits, we need to design and create more sustainable products and packaging, everything we produce and consume needs to be degradable so it can re-enter the natural cycle.

Call to action:
1. Reduce or stop consumption of non-eco-friendly plastics
2. Clean up and recycle pollution
3. Use alternative eco-friendly products and materials
4. Design and create eco-friendly
1st Drop

Our first drop is a candle molded from laundry detergent bottles as a critique of everyday plastic waste consumption. OBJECT No1 drops Mon 22. Feb 2021 12:00 EST on our Instagram shop @newstudiostudio and webshop

Color: Charcoal Black
Volume: 50oz (1.47l)
Burntime: 150h+
Dimensions: 9x6x5in (19x10x6cm)

Photography: Faisal Mohammed @faimohammedphoto
OBJECT 01 - Candle

OBJECT 01 - Candle


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