Sundae Chronicles
20th Annual Chocolate Affair
Created for HealthCare for the Homeless' 20th Annual Chocolate Affair here in Baltimore. I had worked with them the year prior on promotional items, but wanted to go all out this year for the important milestone. At the end of the night, the full-sized print was auctioned off in a charity art auction, with all proceeds going towards the ever-growing problem of homelessness in our city. 

This project required quite a bit of hand-crafting to go along with the digital aspect. As you'll see below, the wafer baskets were physically constructed. My brothers kitchen got to know them really well for about a week. I also cut up about twenty sugar cones in the process, haha. 

The Chronicles are going to be featured in the upcoming 82nd issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Pics coming after release. 

Wafer baskets made out of...wafers! And whipped cream. And glue. As you can see quite a bit of post production was needed to clean the up.
My expert sketch of what would eventually come to be!