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    Urban mobility is broadly divided into two – Public and private transportation. Developing concept in only one of these sector will lead to a par… Read More
    Urban mobility is broadly divided into two – Public and private transportation. Developing concept in only one of these sector will lead to a partial solution to the design problem. Concept Shift is a holistic approach towards the mobility problems faced by urban India. It synthesises the public and private modes of transport to create a unique integrated transportation system. Micro private modules dock into larger public modules which are networked within the city like public transport system. This system reduces the traffic congestion by reducing the redundancy caused by current disintegrated transport systems. Concept Idea: People leave home in their own car. Networked docking trams travel within the city at scheduled routes. Driver can check and connect the trams from his car via interconnected software system. A vacant place is reserved in the near most tram heading towards the required destination. He drives to the directed location and docks into the tram seamlessly. The driver and passenger can enjoy an autonomous travel inside till their destination. The car is automatically positioned and kept ready for exit at destination. Driver can take control of his car back as soon as it’s undocked from the tram. So people don’t need to change their mode of transport in between, resulting into a seamless way of commuting in the city. Design: Concept shift is a combination of smart design and researched future materials which makes it a highly sophisticated and sustainable design solution. A simplistic and futuristic design language gives the system a contemporary and sophisticated feel. The body is made from graphene which has enhanced mechanical properties than steel. (Ref: http://newsroom.uts.edu.au/news/2011/04/a-breakthrough-on-paper-thats-stronger-than-steel ) The huge DLO is made of palladium metallic glass which is damage – tolerant and has strength & toughness more than steel. (Ref: http://newscenter.lbl.gov/news-releases/2011/01/10/new-glass-tops-steel/ ) These contemporary materials allow more design freedom as it enhances the mechanical properties required for a safe modern vehicle. User experience: Concept Shift takes the commuting experience to a different level. It all starts with the car and continues while in the docked mode. Heads-up display on front windscreen provides all the information and makes the dashboard a minimal element. The side DLO transparency can be changed to suit the preference of the occupants inside. It ranges from transparent to almost opaque to suit the privacy requirements. When in docked mode, the driver seat rotates to face the rear passenger which transforms the interior habitat completely to give an emotional high. Read Less