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    Digital campaign and event to raise awareness of SmartSe and its product.
Smart Space
Digital Campaign + Branding
Alongside launching the new identity for SMartSe (see SMartSe project) we ran a digital activity called Smart Space. This activity aimed to get more people to sign up and become aware of SMartSe. The idea was to hand out a SMartSe “studio space” to the most interesting idea over the summer months. The activity was mainly achieved through social media and the campaign site, but also through some street marketing. Participants was asked to submit what they would do if they were given the free studio space. The ideas was then posted onto the Facebook page for everyone to be viewed, and finally the winning ideas was choosen by the SMart team.
Through the spreading of the SmartSpace via social media, the awareness of SMartSe itself multi-doubled and the activity proved to be very successful.
More Smart Space activites to come in the future exploring other types of creative “spaces”.
This project was done in collaboration with expanded activities.
Some pics from the studio space and some work in progress.