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UV charger for KTH
Industrial Design
UV charger for KTH  2020

KT(Korea Telecom) introduces the Picnic UV Charger to ease customers' anxiety during Covid-19. The Picnic UV Charger is a wireless charger with UV light sanitizer that provides extra battery life and hygiene to your mobile devices. The design of the Picnic UV Charger resembles the picnic bag which can be carried easily everywhere.
When the mobile device is placed under the handle with the UV light on, it sterilizes the mobile device 99.9% in 5 minutes while it is being charged. This product provides 10000mAh extra battery life and sanitation at the same time, keeping us safe from the bacteria in everyday life.


Compact size and flat thickness are considered to be convenient to carry and to keep smartphones properly placed. The prototype was made using foam boards and paper to check the product's scale. And the convenience was verified using 3D printing that applied the handle's structure. The design of its handle has a shape of extended outline of body, so that it harmonizes with each other when the handle is raised or lowered.

Through working mock-up, safety of battery heat and functionality of operation were verified. For its durability that can be easily assembled and minimize the risk of breakage, it was manufactured after modifying molds during the production process in 
several times.

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UV charger for KTH