Andlauer Transportation Rebrand
Andlauer Transportation Services Rebrand
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Organization Information
ATS Healthcare is a division of ATS Andlauer Transportation Services Limited Partnership and was established in 1991. It is headquartered in Etobikoke, Ontario. It provides full-service transportation of higher-value and highly redistributable goods including time-definite, temperature-controlled transportation; constant temperature control and monitoring during shipment and storage; and continuous tracking and security protocols. The company moves over 3 million pound of freight daily, which includes healthcare products, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. ATS ships 100 percent of Canada’s DVDs from studios to stores.
Reason for Rebranding
ATS is a great company with value-added services and state-of-the-art technology but they look behind the times. Fifty percent of their customers have been with them for more than eight years indicating excellent customer service and ATS posts annual double-digit growth since its inception in 1991. A revitalized logo and web presence will complete their branding. 
ATS’s customers include manufacturers and consumer product companies in the entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, and electronic industries. 
This rebrand focuses on ATS’s strategy of utilizing technology to its greatest advantage and seeking the highest standards to provide precise solutions to sensitive transporation needs.
The essential words behind this rebrand are
• Caring
• High-tech
• Precision
The typeface used for the wordmark is Idlewild from the Hoeffler & Frere-Jones type foundry. It was chosen for its high tech look and its elongated horizontal form. On the side of a truck or building it is readable at an angle. The colours of green and blue show caring. The stylized A shows movement in the blue stroke in keeping with the nature of the company and the crossbar shows precision. 
Annual Report
The concept for the annual report is direction and flow. The graphics take the reader through the document and the various sections in the same manner that boxes are routed and directed. The graphics represent precision in their repetition and style.
Web site

The web site is sized at 960 pixels wide in consideration of older monitors which will be in place in many of the customers’ offices. The colours chosen are warm grey and saturated highlights which help the user find their way. The rotating services section features a square graphic which represents precision. This same square graphic is used on the other pages.
Corporate Collateral
Andlauer Transportation Rebrand

Andlauer Transportation Rebrand

ATS is a great company with value-added services and state-of-the-art technology but they look behind the times. Fifty percent of their customers Read More


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