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    Trabajo realizado para la cátedra Groismann de Medios Expresivos 2, Facultad de Diseño, Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la UBA.
This was a school project. The task was to create any kind of urban intervention.
I had been recently experimenting with projections (you can check out my other work called "Instalación Interactiva"), and after some research, I decided to play with the concept of in and outside. The idea of the installation was to create different series of projections that showed (falsely) what could be happening inside of a private area. In a way, I was trying to take the "inside", outside, the private, to the public area.
Once this idea of the inside reality brought outside, was installed, I started creating more impossible scenarios, that only would make sense in this work's universe.
The result, I believe, is quite interesting, and has inspired some new ideas, that I'm planning on materializing soon, that also involve the new tecnologies, and their ability to connect distant places in a new visual plane.
I hope you enjoy and like it as much as I liked doing it.
Thanks for watching