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Lakeland Community Hospital, Niles MI
Lakeland Community Hospital, Niles MI
The Lakeland Community Hospital, Niles Emergency Department includes 16,000 square feet of space at a project cost of $7.4 million dollars. This new Emergency Department will offer many benefits to patients and their families, including:
- More patient examination rooms – a total of 18 rooms with 21 beds.
- Reduced wait times for patients and their families.
- Enhanced collaboration and efficiency among healthcare professionals involved in emergency care.
- Improved patient comfort with telephones and televisions in each examination room, and glass doors to help block out noise.
- Improved experiences for patients’ loved ones by making the waiting area more comfortable and home-like.
- An environment that reduces stress and anxiety for patients and their families.
- Improved patient satisfaction with Lakeland’s emergency care, as statistically tracked, measured, and reported in patient satisfaction surveys. 

Healthcare facility design has made dramatic strides in the past decade – all focused on improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience. Project architect FreemanWhite Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in the design and redesign of Emergency Departments with over 180 similar projects to date, more than any other architectural firm in the country.

Architect: FreemanWhite Inc.
Lakeland Community Hospital, Niles MI
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