Bites Mobile App
Student Project

Goal: To develop an app from ideation to prototype. For this project, I began with a simple business plan and concept sketches, and then I created an interactive prototype to test user flow and graphics. This prototype was created using Adobe XD (Beta), which allowed me to experience the app on my own device.

This mobile app allows the user to search for recipes through categories or keywords. Recipes can then be saved to the users account for future use. The revenue model for this app is based on partnerships with local grocery stores. Each recipe includes coupons for essential ingredients, driving customers to partnering stores and easing the user’s shopping experience.

From the initial concept, I began by working through user flows, necessary functions, and the overall architecture of the app. Using pen and paper, I created a low fidelity prototype. Then, I created a prototype using Adobe XD. Building this interactive mockup allowed me to refine design elements, develop branding, and test features on my own device.
Bites Mobile App