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    This a cover for a Book for Appvertising.
This project is for a book cover for Appvertising, called: The apps that are changing the world.
The idea is to show that all the technology are part of our lives today, and in a creative way show this idea making the apps part of each person.
Skeleton and Poser on Modo. Hand is the default of Modo. 
Replicators and Surface Generator to create the hand of apps. 
Render in Modo, Choosing the right angle for the composition.
Fisrt step on Ps.
A little bit of contrast on the hand.
More contrast and some highlights on the scene.
Adding background and some apps flying over the scene to create more deph.
More apps added to the image creating an enviroment for the hand. Now just a few more details coming.
Final Image in Photoshop.
Final image, with the text added. 
I hope you enjoy this project :)
If you like it, please appreciate.