Mylio asked us to create this video to describe how their new photo organization and editing software works across all your devices.

One of the perks about creating infotaining videos is getting to take a peek under the hood of new interesting products and services.
Now we are using the software to keep our thousands of photos in order.

Client: Mylio
Script/Creative: Eric Peret
Screen Captures: Matt Vollet
3d Animtation: Eric Felberg, Bryan Schaeffer
Motion Graphics/Editing: Bryan Schaeffer
Voice Over: Nikki Lu Lowe
Sound Design: Bryan Schaeffer

Big Picture.

- Script -

Pictures are the story of your life.
Each snapshot’s a little piece of the Big Picture
But if you’re like most people
Your Big Picture is broken up in little pieces
And scattered all over the place
And that’s not a pretty picture.
But picture this:
An intelligent, learning app that can put all the pieces back together again
That lets you organize and edit your pictures the way you want
Then syncs them across all your devices so they’re safely protected in multiple locations.
So the story of your life

– the whole story –

is with you on any device, anyplace, anytime.
That family picture from the 70s?
The new product line?
Boom: at your fingertips.

No, seriously:
30,000 feet up in a plane? Check.
30,000 feet down in a submersible? Check.

Client meeting? Family reunion? Sunday brunch?
Check, check, and check please!
That’s Mylio.
How’s it work?

Mylio connects, then syncs your devices peer-to-peer, privately, using your wifi network
Even if your network isn’t connected to the internet
Because Mylio isn’t an internet service. It doesn’t need a cloud.
How cool is that?
But what if you want to back up photos to the cloud?
Mylio has you covered.
You can connect Mylio to your own existing cloud service
And Mylio will sync to it like it was any other device
Only better: Mylio encrypts the files you put on the cloud
So your personal stuff stays personal.
No corporate cloud service does that for you.
Starting to get the picture?

Find, organize, edit, share, and back up your photos
So that the story of your life is complete, secure, and with you all the time.

Mylio: What’s your story?
30 minutes of looping travel montages were created with exciting road trip transitions.
Collage of 3d models display the disarray many people face in organizing their photos across multiple devices and formats
Software demonstration of photos syncing up through all connected devices.
Infographic animation explaining how Mylio works
3d scene all devices and computers syncing imagery across the software
Mylio - The Big Picture

Mylio - The Big Picture

Find, organize, edit, share, and back up your photos So that the story of your life is complete, secure, and with you all the time. Mylio: What Read More


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