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Sangraha: Design Museum India


Introducing Sangraha: 
A Design Museum to be built virtually, to document, curate, and exhibit design from all parts of India, and to foster research and discourse on the local contexts design operates in, in India. 
The Background

Sangraha was envisioned as part of my third semester design project at NID Ahmedabad, under the theme of contexts and information systems. 
I took 'design in India' as my context, and the notion of the museum as an information system, and made an inquiry into creating a shared repository which showcases the multitudes of forms and functions through which design manifests its identity in India.

The inquiries which drove the project

The Visual Language

Sangraha's visual language had to be situated at the intersection of the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary, and the physical and virtual space- the extreme ends along which the Museum's collection and vision would be. For that, we went through multiple rounds of iterations on what sort of visual language would work for Sangraha.

The Courtyard as a space stood out, and we used the reference of the Vastupurusha Mandala as a structural aid, to act as a framework for the layout.


the proposed mobile and web 'courtyards' for sangraha

Thank You

Sangraha is a work in progress, and there's still a lot of groundwork that needs to be done in order to build an actualised version of this. With collaborations planned for the future, we hope to bring at least some part of it to life.

Thanks to all the collaborators, and to the guides, Dr Nanki Nath and Ms Tanishka Kachru

Sangraha: Design Museum India

Sangraha: Design Museum India