Monos Kiyo

Kiyo is a water bottle with UV purifying technology designed for the travel brand Monos. The design is a modern translation of a water bottle archetype, where the iconic silhouette has been simplified into a soft and gentle shape. The application of powder coating on the double walled steel bottle embraces the powder’s natural texture and the additional sand-like granular pattern creates a natural and nuanced aesthetic that is warm to the touch. The silicone loop around the neck is a detail that invites you to pick up and touch, and the silicone pad on the bottom of the bottle provides a soft landing so as to not damage the table or create a loud noise. The result is a carefully crafted object rather than an industrial tool, having a caring and considerate personality with a very essential and simple purpose.

Project / Kiyo
Client / Monos
Category / UV purifier bottle
Date / 2020

UV purifier bottle - Monos