My NiCE2 Playground
Here's a tiny collection of funny little passion projects we did throughout the years.
Every once in a while NiCE would throw a party, and sometimes we would make a little video invitation to celebrate that. Here are some of them :)
For this animation we've created a procedurally driven setup. In Maya via MASH nodes. Each triangle is constructed of a flat surface on one side and a pyramid-like spike on another. It also contains 2 different material sets
We've also utilised vertex colour sets to achieve the look where each tile has a unique colour. Check out version with random colours below.
Animation is driven via live texture that defines which triangles will be flipped and when.

In 2018 we've celebrated a very special occasion - 25 Years of Nicosia Creative Expresso
There were some funky experiments before we locked the final look of the 25 icon
Back in 2014 we moved our office in NYC, obviously there was a party to celebrate that

NiCE2 Playground

NiCE2 Playground