The Worthy Bowl


With health-minded consumers becoming increasingly aware (and concerned) about sugar intake, there’s a growing interest in plant-based eating that doesn't compromise on taste. Grounded in a belief that we’re all born inherently worthy of health and happiness, The Worthy Company is dedicated to making nutrition more flavorful and accessible by offering plant-based meal options that taste great, are easily transportable for an active lifestyle, and have high nutritional value.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hatch’s goal was to create packaging that lives up to this worthy mission. Classic colors communicate sophistication and the delicate balance of ingredients. Rich gold highlights give the product a premium feel in a sea of sameness on shelf. Fresh fruit imagery brings taste appeal, movement, and play, giving traditional ingredients a fresh, modern look. Healthy eating that feeds the body and spirit just got easier with Worthy.

The Worthy Bowl