The existing brand had a generic font logo, that together with the generic colour and a limited palette, failed to give the law agency a distinct brand. The webpage had too much text, and the imagery and graphics conveyed a cold and distant brand presence. 
We started work with creating a logo for Sørlandsadvokatene. Research showed us that a little distinction would go a long way in the visual landscape they are competing in, so we decided to create a monogram. A monogram conveys both conservative trustworthiness, and gave us the opportunity to create a noticeable symbol that would stand the test of time.

After extensive pencil sketching, we drew a board of potential monograms in Illustrator, and together with the client chose one to create the brand around:
This design is an attempt to elevate the visual impression of the brand to a national and more serious level, and to attain the business areas conservative visual language, while at the same time preparing the logo for use in more expressive advertising. 
An example of the logo and visual identity applicated on stationary
A grab of the published webpage
Physical signage. 
One of the finished signs applicated on location.