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    An ad campaign that brings visibility to the Salvation Army and inspires Millennials to live a life focused on loving and serving humanity.
This project has two goals:
1. Bring visibility to the Salvation Army brand.
2. Move passionate Millennials to action. Specifically, those who have a calling on their lives to love the world and serve others, but need to be encouraged and challenged to step out.
Behind the scenes:
This project was created completely by Millennials with the help of a sun-lit September day and a building full of beautiful decay. We shot all of the photography and video in the span of four hours on a Saturday. The whole experience, from the research to the day of the shoot was an exciting adventure.
Art Direction: Jen Sullivan
Photography: Adam Elkins
Video: Brennan Kurfees
Copywriting: Jen Sullivan
Styling and Photo Assisting: Shayna Mell