Center KTW
Construction log book
This unconventional publication, both in form and content, is a collection of the memories and thoughts of nearly everyone involved in this impressive investment process – from tender documentation, through subsequent construction stages, to the opening of individual areas. 
The main idea of making such a publication came from a company: Neinver Polska. They asked us to design a gift for all the important people who's involved in building process.
We decided to prepare a set of 3 (one for each section of works) folded posters. They're combine with grey cardboard (which make it look more technical) covers and tied with white rubbers, that keep everything togheter. It has sketchy an unformal character.
quantity: 1000
september 2013
photography: Anna Sielska, Krzysztof Szewczyk
cilent: Ideasbox
Thank you
for your time!
Dziennik budowy KTW | KTW Construction log book