Math in action! - an app for kids
App Design
Imagine your child playing and learning math at the same time. Smiling and focused. Moreover, willing to learn more. All this is guaranteed by the WSiP app Math in action created for children between 5 and 7. Download it!

We prepared a set of 80 exercises which make learning of simple mathematical principles easier and are highly enjoyable at the same time. To start off, we offer as many as 20 free math problems. They are divided into four parts: sorting, addition, subtraction and transformation. By using this app children quickly learn the numbers from 0 to 10, as well as shapes such as circle, square or triangle. Children also learn to add, subtract and recognize colors.
Producer: WSiP Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne
Math content author: Małgorzata Skura, Michał Lisicki
Editor: Karolina Karamuz
Project Coordinators: Anna Schabikowska, Bartłomiej Pucek
Graphic Design: Kasia Synal
Animation: Joanna Czajka
Programmer: Tomek Jarosik, Kamil Godlewski
Project Manager: Jakub Kamma
Math in action! - an app for kids

Math in action! - an app for kids

Math in action! - kids' app for learning math and having fun, created by KiooiK for WSiP, a big educational publisher in Poland.