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The amazing folks running, the brand new this year, Ottawa Food Truck Rally (www.ottawafoodtruckyrally.com) approached us about helping to produce a unique trophy for the rally and it's category winners.

We wanted to put together something which represented both the food and truck aspects of the event. After narrowing down our design concepts and sourcing materials, we used a hub cap grill (an indoor stove grill accessory designed to mimic an outdoor grilling experience), and we sandblasted it to remove the chrome finish. We CNC'd a solid maple wood core and laser etched on a unique set of graphics, allowing the cutlery to mimic the spokes of a wheel. And lastly we welded the cutlery base and gave it a bright coat of gold paint to really help it stand out when displayed. We wanted to trophy to be fairly quiet on it's own, letting the form and etched graphics do the talking. But when paired with the bright gold base it becomes more of a centre piece within the environment. The maple core features 3 small areas where etched plaques will be placed of the winners each year.