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    iriver Story HD for Google
iriver Story HD for Google
Story HD is Iriver's first Google Books Electronic book that has EPD(E-Paper Display) with high resolution. 
It has 6 inch display of resolution 768*1024 DPI which makes the display clearer and 63% more accurate, and it has Wifi that enables it to connect to Google Books to search and download. The buttons, which are usually located on both left and right hand sides, are located at the center to differentiate it from other E-books and make it more comfortable to use. It weighs about 230 grams, and it can be easily held with one hand. 
Story HD is launched in 2 color tones. The brown color used at the back cover implies the message that we can save wasting wood by using E-books.
Story HD, developed to carry these kinds of messages, tried to carry Iriver's Design Philosophy that Irivier is not only focused on developing new products, but also it takes care of the user's experience.