Fall of Colossus is the band i'm currently in it that was formed during my time at college. Recently after a short break we have returned with intentions of giging as much as possible and producing our own album, so I took it upon myself to design an album cover aswell as band logo type and various covers for social media sites.
This is the album cover and overall concept for the look of all imagery linked to the band. I've gone for quite a psychedelic feel but also tried to keep it looking quite rough rather then dreamy as this suits our bands sound quite well. I wanted to use black and white imagery but somehow make it a bit trippy so i worked out how to make it stereoscopic like in classic 3D films. With the font i wanted to create a kind of modern take on 60's types typically seen wrapping around band photos on gig posters.
This is the banner made specifically for our Facebook page, again making rough land scapes look trippy and psychedelic.
This album cover was a great inspiration as although it's just type it still looks powerfull due to the bold font. I believe this was what inspired the arctic monkeys current type logo, another favourite of mine.
This part also resembles the heavy rock side of our band.
Also one of my favourite vinyls my grandad gave me!
This was the main inspiration for the rest of the album cover.
One of my favourite album covers, by possibly my new favourite band Tame Impala.
This inspired the part of the cover that conveys the psychedelic, experimental part of our sound.
Over time I'll be adding more and more Album and Gig poster art as it's something I really enjoy doing and hopefully I'll be doing it for other bands in the future. I've definetly got plenty of stuff for my own solo work and two album covers etc to design for some friends solo works so I'll add them when done.
Thanks for looking!