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Minimal Website UX and UI design for Amazon - Podia

Minimal Website Design and Development For RA Sourcing Secrets
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About RA Sourcing Secrets
Real people with real businesses. Their four deal finders extraordinaire have all built seven-figure FBA businesses. They are not only ready to give BOLOs, but to guide through the maze of questions that naturally arise as someone navigates the Amazon selling platform.

They already have a WordPress website, they were looking for another Podia site for their monthly membership and courses. So, they came to me for the solution!

Project Breakdown:

1. Creating Wireframe (UX)
Their existing WordPress site helped a lot in this process. I took inspiration from their existing site but worked to taking the new one to the next level.

2. Designing user interface (UI)
Since I had the wireframe approved, this was the most important job to make the site looks better. In this process, I designed 5 pages including,

3. Designing project assets
Images for their site as an important part to make it looks good and branded. Images added below. 
4. Designing Course Covers
Their course covers play an important role in the site, every cover must include course title and theme.
5. Developing the site
Once the UI and images are approved, it's the time to develop the site. I am pretty used to creating Podia sites. So, it took me less than 4 days to develop their site. Please visit the site here:
The site looks exactly like the Wireframe.

6. Project Delivery
The project took 10 days in total and I delivered the files also hosted the site in their Podia. They were happy with the delivery!

7. Conclusion
As I mentioned above, they are happy with the delivery. I am currently handling all their Marketing designs as well as a part of their marketing and social media. If you are looking forward your next website or podia site, feel free to visit my Website, email me at and it would be best of you hire me on Upwork! 
Minimal Website UX and UI design for Amazon - Podia


Minimal Website UX and UI design for Amazon - Podia