Elo Hell Esports (EHE) was responsible for broadcasting and producing content for the Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet 2020 - North America and Europe.

For the broadcast side, we took all the assets sent by Blizzard Entertainment, and implemented them on our custom-built character generator and overlay tool for broadcast, allowing us to manage all the information shown on broadcast easily. We also created some new scenes, as requested by Blizzard, like the new Casters scene, and the new dual-roster layout.
Casters and rosters screens, created by EHE
Intermission, schedule, map set, brackets and in-game scoreboard overlays. Created by Blizzard, prepared for broadcast by EHE

For the content side, we were responsible for coming up with all the content pieces, as well as all the logos and graphics required to make them a reality.
Art Director: Bruno Saad Marques
Content Director: Ben Tepper
Content Art Lead: Mateo Julia Wise
Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet 2020