iPhone 4 Wallpapers
Latest set of  Walls to make your Phone beautiful.
Since the release of the first gen iPhone, I've been making sets of Wallpapers and Creative Contacts to make my iPhone experience even more magical. I decided to share these walls with everyone for free downloads.

iPhone 3G Walls Set 1 Click to Download
iPhone 3G Walls Set 2 Click to Download

Now a few years and several generations of iPhones later, here is a new set of "retina quality" wallpapers for your enjoyment featuring some of my photography and poster design.

I will be uploading new ones every so-often, so check back to the given link. Not all are featured here. Download them free at http://iphone.angelaacevedo.com Hope you enjoy them and make your iPhone experience that more aesthetically nutritious.

iPhone 4 Walls Set 3 Click to Download