StartFragmentRekaReisinger was born in Budapest, Hungary and currently resides in New York City.Sheattended Bard College and received her M.F.A. in photography from the YaleUniversity School of Art in 2007. Her work has been included in many group shows,most notably the Greater New York 2005 exhibition at the P.S. 1 ContemporaryArt Center. Over the past few years, Reka has been making life-size cardboardcutouts (often self-portraits) and re-photographing them out in the world. She does not use any digital manipulation tocomposite the pictures. Instead, she makes the cutouts by hand andre-photographs them in a specific location or situation using a view camera.While the pictures are direct documents, their space appears collaged andaltered, often resembling an image from the early days of Photoshop. Doublypresent as the photographer and the photographed, Reka explores theschizophrenic and sometimes indistinguishable relationship between the real andfake to question the logic of image-making.

Reka has a show of her work opening at Real Art Ways (one of the United States leading alternative multi-disciplinary arts organizations) in Hartford, CT on 21 August 2008.