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The Hedgehog and his Secrets Mobile Game
The Hedgehog and his Secrets
Mobile game design

A game for children "The Hedgehog and his Secrets" has appeared in the open access, with the help of which the child can learn how to protect himself in case of danger. The game can be downloaded here

The main characters of the game, a girl and a boy, find themselves in different life situations prepared for them by the kind and wise character Yozhkoy. Playing with children, the Hedgehog teaches them to be wary of strangers, to know and respect your body, understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable treatment by other people.
The main task of "Families for Children" was to create a tool that would make solving a difficult problem for children and adults an exciting process. Especially for this, the game was chosen.
Team Director: Tatiana Berezina,
Art Director: Alexandra Dovidenko,
Designer/Illustrator: Stanislav Dovidenko,
Flash-animation: Dmitriy Vostroknutov
and Copywriter: Family2Children

The Hedgehog and his Secrets Mobile Game


The Hedgehog and his Secrets Mobile Game

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