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ONEUNDER - Leather Design Atelier
ONEUNDER is a personal contribution and challenge to a great adventure; it was one of those "..yeah, let's do it" ideas that just make it through. One day we found ourselves talking about how we would want some leather products if we did them ourselves...and after roughly one year we find ourselves doing it.

Starting from a philosophy of making thin, capable and flexible leather accessories, this first collection is characterized by clean, minimal surfaces and smooth, yet thought-provoking lines. In a blend of subtle dynamism and Japanese minimalism, these products are thinner than most similar counterparts and use the bare minimum of thread and leather to stand out.

Long Wallet 1
(creatively abbreviated LW1) is both a minimalistic and sophisticated approach towards a spacious and functional long wallet. Based on our signature single piece, dual strap layout, it offers a slim and elegant profile that neatly covers a spacious and adequately furnished interior.

Another primary guideline we followed in this first, minimalistic collection is pure simplicity and umcompromised ease of use, avoiding the unnecessary use of external accessories such as buttons and zippers. By using straps and loops instead, not only is the overall process of opening and closing the wallet improved, it also adds to the elegant looks and simplicity.
The Bifold Wallet 1 is the stylish, minimalistic and youthful take on one a classic bifold layout. Featuring our elegantly sloping pocket profile, the internal layout  uses a catchy, asymmetrical geometry, while the external pocket is elegantly integrated in the main profile to give a touch of dynamism to the exterior.
Travel Wallet 1
Designed around the travel wallet typology, the TW1 is another design based on our signature single piece, dual strap layout. As in the case of the LW1 and pretty much all our designs, the Travel Wallet 1 offers a slim and elegant profile, with minimalistic style and construction, it enbodies our vision that a wallet shouldn’t look full even when empty.
Card holders
Building on the original CH1S, the slighylt more capient CH1 offers the same signature “Z” folded sheet with an additional pocket and slightly wider profile. The more standard size and the stylish pocket profile make it a perfect all-round compact card holder, looking great in every circumstance.
Like the perpetual longing for perfection, ONEUNDER simply underlines that missing step, that incompleteness, the ever-elusive goal, the hunger that a winner must feel. Be it one breath, one exam, one kiss or one victory under, this was the phrase to remind ourselves and hopefully everyone else that we have to strive, to reach out for that something.
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ONEUNDER - Leather Design Atelier


ONEUNDER - Leather Design Atelier