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    2013 dump.
This is a collection of personal and paid work done in the last year or so.
Bat Gurrl.
Crimewave 2.0
Artemis Portrait.
Portrait of my girlfriend.
Stolen Truck!
Tin Man got an upgrade. (Concept work)
Stencil for Alchemist Distilleries. Laser engraved on acrylic.
Duff Friday Night Fights! Simpsons fan art.
Pixelated Pacman ghost about to explode into pixels.
Rolling Stop - Oxymoron.
Thor's hammer.
Minimalistic Yogi Bear design.
Mock baseball team logo.
Books on tape.
Portrait of my French Bulldog Watson.
Invitation for a dog party. I had creative freedom.
Meaty Kidrobot mascot design.
Kidrobot Mecha.
Dragon tattoo design.
Tattoo design for a friend. Not my usual subject matter heh.
Nerdlocker commission.
Swamp Fox Customs logo design.
Shadow of the Colossus tee design.
Yureka monk poster design.
Piece for a new Cracked.com book.
Another piece for a new Cracked.com book.
Illustration for a Popular Mechanics article.
Illustrations for a Popular Mechanics article.
Cover for a friend's band.
WIP Chun-Li portrait.
WIP World Traveler.
Thanks for looking!