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    New additions to my Photo Montage series Continuum, these images focus on issues of emotional connection and intimacy.

 The purpose of the series is to depict actors and models portraying ideas related to interpersonal relationships and sense of personal identity routed in the temporal and emotional concept of cause and effect.  Through this project I am exploring my own need to observe and understand human behavior specifically related to social identity, interpersonal relationships and times of distress.
Each photo contains at least one fully formed (solid)  depiction of a person,  this depiction is the keystone and should be the first place the viewer looks, it also provides the first clue as to what the emotional reality or subject of the photo truly is.   In addition to the keytstone depiction there are are transparent depicitions that represent temporal echoes that are  moments that happened before the key depections or in some cases after.
This is a subset of that continued montage series.  These images represent ideas related to intimacy.  It is two different expressions of very simmilar issues within the same emotional dynamic. 
In this version its a bit of a more balanced narrative, this is visually as much about her as it is him.  The representations of her throughout the images represent her frustrations, insecurities and other vulnerabilities in her attempts to connect with him.  He is a constant,  agressive, detached and controlling.  
In this version he is more detached and ultimately alone, as he is crowded by the memory of her, and her attempts to connect with him