Spots for Lucky Peach #8
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    Spot illustrations for the women's side of Lucky Peach's Gender Issue.
I had the pleasure of illustrating spots for mosts of the articles on the women's side of Lucky Peach's Gender Issue. They were used in various ways through out the magazine. Many thanks to AD Water Green. 
 "As Alice Sees It." On being a woman restaurateur in the 70s.
"Jeju Island and the Haenyo Divers." An Interview with aging female divers.
"Pussy Rules". An interview with the Wieners Circle's most famous employee, Poochie.
"Dick Soup". A chef's attempt at cooking stag "pizzles".
 "Four Meals at the Toughest Strip Club in Downtown Los Angeles"
Sketches used as dropcaps for the Strip Clup story. 
"Make Yourself Useful". On hunting songbirds for consumption.
"Meat Maids." A story on the women butchers of Ho Chi Minh.
"The Breast Giveth". Cooking with human breast milk.
Mother's meatloaf recipes.