This is an innovative 'Aquarium' washing machine that allows for a very simpleuse since it s only composed of two spheres, one inside the other.The sphereinside rotates in one axis in order to the show entance in order to put clothesinto it.The moment the clothes are ready the 'Aquarium' internal sphere rotatesin order to close and stars spinning in the perpendicular axis.This leaves thewhole of the entrance in contact with the water deposits , that feed the tub bypassing the water thought the filters.This allows for less moving parts andsimplifies operation and maintenance.
The water deposits mean 'Aquarium' proposes a whole new perspective of washingmachines, both practicallyand architectonically, since 'Aquarium' can bepositioned in any place needed, without water instalations required.
In the end,the clean aesthetics, which emphysize the function and interior wayof working and adds a decorative solution to a world where square, in the boxappliances are the norm.