"…I love the new safe surf campaign and am currently putting together my budget so thought it would be great to contact you and see what we could do…"
— this is the quote from one of our contacts :)
Unisono recently launched their latest integrated campaign FOR for SafeSurf Bahrain which featured a new identity, an interactive website, a press and online campaign, a PR event and video presentation.
The project commissioned by Bahrain's TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) was created to help bring awareness to people about the potential dangers posed by cyber bullies, online perverts and pirates who use the internet to prey on their victims.
Creative director: Liam Farrell
Aleksei Segodin
Ahmed Waheed Hamdy
Predrag Milankovic, Rubio Pereira
Aleksei Segodin
Aleksei Segodin, Jose Aubele
Aleksei Segodin
Print design: Jawaher Alali
Jose Aubele, Aleksei Segodin
Responsive webside design
Video presentation of the website features
Design process
Print lamppost ads
Lamppost sequences: pervert
Lamppost sequences: online pirate
Print ad in Arabic
Desktop wallpaper "Your child's real friend"
Desktop wallpaper "Hidden danger"
Desktop wallpaper "Who is really online?"
Desktop wallpaper "Company"
Also we designed a set of desktop wallpapers with online safety tips. SafeSurf recommends to install these wallpapers on kids'  desktops as a slideshow. So that these wallpapers will work like daily reminders.