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KANS E-commerce Case Study

KANS is an insurance company looking to modernize their business model and move their services online. They currently offer business-to-consumer insurance plans but also want to offer business-to-business insurance plans in the future. Kans’ primary needs from the website are to be able to browse and filter through age groups, income ranges, and plan usage statistics. They also want to use this opportunity to refresh their brand.


The insurance system and language is confusing for an average person. They find it hard to buy insurance on their own.

Research Definition
The general goal was to understand a customer’s wants, needs, and desires from an e-commerce site. The main goal was to understand why customers bought insurance plans. Questions to be answered by the research include:

     •   What was their experience like?

     •   What caused them confusion or frustration?

     •   Where did they usually buy from and why?

     •   How did things work out for them?

Analysis & Provisional Personas

Solution Planning
My concept for the “experience” navigation was to progress from passive buying to active insurance buying. The “home” and “contact” labels were initially planned in wireframe and were explored as needed. I attempted split A/B testing on the 30 - 65-year-old age group. They required more context in terms of images and verbal instruction to complete the research testing otherwise they felt lost. I also planned the task and user flow for the checkout phase and interaction screens using wireframes. I applied this user flow for purchasing travel insurance.

Performed quick & dirty split A/B testing on home page wireframes

Solution Execution
I have the unique idea that Kans can change their travel insurance webpages’ colour theme depending on the season and customer base, while all navigation and webpage data remain the same. For example, during the warm summer months, the cool ocean theme could be applied to the webpage, while during the cool winter months, the warm tan theme could be applied. Changing colour themes to complement the user’s reason for purchasing the insurance may alleviate the stress involved with deciding on an insurance plan.

Affinity map documenting feedback and changes to be done after usability testing

InVision desktop prototype

After the usability testing and reflecting on the affinity map, I made high priority changes to the site. The high priority changes I made:

     •   Making information architecture, subnavigation, text with icons, and live chat labels have more precise wording for users to understand

     •   Add back the "home" and contact" main navigation labels for the 50+ year old users

     •   Make the important features bigger like live chat for those who are not web-savvy and 50+ year olds

Visualizing bulk insurance buying with insurance plan discounts and bundling 
(More feasible for tertiary customer base)

Navigational UI of the desktop

Behind the Scenes:

School Speculative Project

Roles:          User Researcher, UX/UI Designer, Brand Storyteller, and Lifelong Learner
Duration:     4 week timeframe, February - Mar 2020

Began writing long UX copyrighting into case studies.

KANS E-commerce Case Study


KANS E-commerce Case Study

Selling insurance plans online.