This car is like no other supercars.
It was the dream of an Italian industrialist to create a machine that would be able to compete against Ferrari's.
He managed to make it reality, the Lamborghini Miura became a milestone of motoring, with all its problems, the little lacks and the incredible v12 engine.
This is probably the greatest car ever drawn by Giuseppe Bertone, and unlike all the modern lamborghini, this car was Sinuous.
I've started this project 6 weeks ago, with some trouble caused from external events.
Miura for me, is the outcome of passion. 
For your job, for what you do.

In the render below you can see the grace of the magnesium rim, originally crafted by Cromodora (the most famous italian rim maker in the '60s) which didn't have the bull logo in the beginning.
Probably the most challenging parts to model in this car were the rear lights, because of the lack of references.
Interior details. I really love the look of Lamborghini's old logo: the bull was slimmer than the one in the modern version.
These two images weren't originally planned, but they express the real point of the project and the beauty of the Miura's shapes.
"When I miss the sound and the fury, I take refuge in my garage and turn the key in the ignition of my Miura."
Ferruccio Lamborghini