The legend of giants
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    Mural in Białytok
4 floor, 7 days
Białystok, Poland, 2013

I painted “The legend of giants” in festival in Białystok. It was “Folk on the Street” Festival organized by WOAK (Regional center of cultural animation)
When I started drawing a sketch I had to consider few elements of the area, for example there are windows and growing tree which we can’t cut. The organizators give me texts about polish legends from that region. I specially liked legends about giants. First they destroy world  around them but later they start to copy human behavior and started taking care of  the nature. I hit on an idea how including the tree. I want to paint sweet, naïve small girl focused on taking care of the tree.  First organizators wanted to cut the tree to paint the wall but after I showed them my idea, they didn’t need to.  I hit on an idea
When I started I had CMYK in acrylics and more that 100 cans.  I always use acrylic paints on background and then I make detail with using spray cans. The sketch taken me 4 hours. I worked ten hours per day. After seven days this mural was finished.
 I had rain each day of work but I was very optimistic and full of hope. After hard work I was satisfied and I liked that little girl like real human being. I thought to give her person name like for example “Marysia”
The most important aspect of the artwork for me is to learn more about techniques. I’m happy and I have got more energy when I’m painting like I planned. Second aspect that I like is the feeling that I leave part of me in the another city of the world.
I didn’t speak with too many people because I was too busy but I saw many observators. They seemed interested , they smiled kindly, sometimes  showed thumbs up and applauded. I heard that some man was so interested to my work that by accident he fell into a road works ditch.
I think this mural is good start to take up green areas development.  I will be more pitty if there cut the tree. I don’t know that there is a good place for that tree but I think city should have as many trees as possible.