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Furniture and home decor store design
Project: Elements Store
Year: 2021
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Area: 300 sq.m.
Architects: Almira Turgan, Akhat Baimenov, Aigerim Azirkhanova

Elements store is a multi brand store of unique interior items collected from more than 30 European and American manufacturers. In fact, a vast collection of furniture consists of unique design pieces by iconic danish manufactures such as Fredericia, Gubi and &Tradition.
The founder of Elements store is a passionate lover for danish timeless design , who promote the idea of considering interior pieces with purpose and meaning. While developing the concept, we wanted to create a space that would represent the philosophy of danish long-standing design heritage.
The first thing that catches your eye as you enter the show-room is a solid stone wall. Inspired by scandinavan nature and traditions of wood craftsmanship we have used a lot of the raw unpolished materials such as wood and stone.
The composition of the hall is that you go through exposition of decorative elements highly-selected by the owner herself and suddenly find yourself in spacious room flooded with a light reflected from stainless metal slabs suspended from almost 5m hight ceiling where most of the furniture collection is displaced.
Two movable columns in the center of the room divides the space into corners, however, due their mobility they can be transfered anywhere and even used as a interactive projection walls. Such details as two -level ceiling and the stairs in the corner of the room leading to an illusion light window - all this creates an additional architectural volume. Light also plays a great role in this interior - ambient light  creates an effect of natural sunlight making the space very comfortable to be in. The project uses plain natural materials - wood, concrete, stainless steel, and micro-cement on the walls. The micro-cement surfaces of the walls, ceiling and floor blend together and blur boundaries expanding the space.
Furniture and home decor store design
Akhat Baimenov's profile
Akhat Baimenov