Blind people met series of problem when they use kettle. They have hard time filling and pouring because of insecure to the changes of water level and target position. In this project, we aimed to provide the best drinking experience for blind people which makes them no difference from us when it comes to drink water.

Instead of taking a heavy kettle and try to aim a small target, we designed to let user fill the water from below. This is inspired by Bar cup cleaner. To switch between cold and hot water, tap twice for hot water and once for cold. ​​​​​​​
(Water level) 
The dispenser is designed to fill only 80% of the cup every time, they will never need to worry about spilling over again.​​​​​​​
Press-type water filling process and mechanism 
To make it easy for any user, we adopted a more simple way to change the filter which is by simple twist, we add braille tags on the filter to make it understandable for blind people.
Process of replacing the filter inside
Real flow water simulation
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Blind friendly water dispenser