Lettering Book by John Stevens
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    Scribe: Artist of the written word is a new book by John Stevens, long admired as a master of lettering. He takes you through all forms of letter… Read More
    Scribe: Artist of the written word is a new book by John Stevens, long admired as a master of lettering. He takes you through all forms of lettering and calligraphy from personal works done with pen and brushes to work done digitally. Read Less

My new book published in July 2013. To read more go to www.artistofthewrittenword.com
Of course, you can check out some spreads below.
This spread is dealing with hybrid and divergent letterforms. Writing that is deliberately modified for artistic expression rather than commercial use. It is somewhat experimental, yet usually follows a directive or principle.
Book titles and jacket design have long interested me. Calligraphy and the book practically started out together.
In this section I write about the craft of traditional calligraphy. Work on vellum and handmade paper using archival materials and ancient techniques.
Free and gestural writing is something I do to keep life in all of my letterforms.  These are spontaneous, unplanned works where the accidental is a desired quality of the work.
There is a section called; The Working Calligrapher. In that section I focus on design with letters and the brands or sub-brands I have created.
The traditional invitation turned upside down. I think about the recipient unfolding the piece as an event unto itself. Pretty letters don't hurt.
Resolutions & Certificates are honorary documents. To either honor a persons achievements or service or mark a significant occasion. Documents of these type often require as seal or a shield of some kind as that has been the tradition for centuries.
Letterforms and brands. This is not "font selection" but rather a very careful and thoughtful process to merge commerce with aesthetics. My knowledge of branding mixed with my vocabulary of letterforms makes for elegant identities.
Custom typeface design. In this picture; a sheet of hand lettered forms ( on paper with ink) based on historical letter forms from gravestone in the 1760's. Then above that, the digital manifestation where the type becomes a usable "font".
The study of classical calligraphy; 2 pages written in the 1980's on Langley hand made paper with pen and ground sumi ink.
Lettering as illustration. Ink on paper. There is a separate chapter called: Lettering as Illustration, letters with illustration.
Taking a word/logotype from ink on paper to the digital realm.
Hybrid/abstracted writing-middle eastern influenced. However, the bigger influence is the accidental weighting of the letterforms and the free use of the brush.
Close up of traditional broad-edged pen calligraphy. This is my interpretation of a modified italic.
My work on the renewed brand for a famous food company. I did this for a larger agency.
I am the author and the designer of the book. A pretty complex project for me. Here, I am reviewing things from a production perspective.