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Bronwyn James' Portfolio

Bronwyn James' Portfolio
Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a third year student in Toronto Metropolitan University's Graphic Communications Management program. Here you will see some of the work that I'm the most proud of and from which I've learned the most. 
Packaging Design and Research
With my team we conducted market research on hard seltzer audience behaviours, existing packaging, trends, pricing, legal and accessibility considerations, and more. With or research in mind, we worked to design primary and secondary packaging that would stand out and represent our imagined brand. We also planned for advertising methods and targets to popularize the beverage.  
Original Album Cover Design
July 2022. I had the opportunity to collaborate with my close friend Jake Django on his fist solo song cover. It was a new experience for me and I felt that it was vital to hear the music first before I started to even think of ideating. I came up with a concept that both Jake and I were happy with, and I think it matches the tone of the song quite well. 
Dubai Ad campaign
Fall 2020. Above is a fictional ad campaign for a travel company advertising Dubai to history buffs made using Adobe Illustrator. From the top right there is a full page magazine ad, instagram story, web banner, snapchat filter, logo variations, and finally a luggage tag. Incorporating both the sandy landscape and historic buildings of Dubai while using a vintage-looking travel ad style will attract travellers that are interested in culture and history.To further incorporate Dubai’s history, I included elements from Emirati art, adding some dark blue hues to compliment and contrast. 

Typography Infographics
Fall and Winter 2021. This project was a great opportunity to practice larger scale type formatting and emphasis as well as flex my creative muscles in Adobe InDesign
Album Cover Redesign
This project's brief was to redesign an album cover using photoshop with an emphasis on type manipulation and effects. The scrapbook-like new dadaism feel was chosen to match the content of the album. 
Talk Paper Scissors Podcast Episode
May 2021 - Talk Paper Scissors, a podcast series by Ryerson professor Diana Varma. Episode 52: The Digital re:Publish Project - What’s Possible In Publishing Through Leveraging Technology features an article written and read by Bronwyn James about Paywalls and their effect on readership and loyalty. This article was also shortlisted to be published in Graphic Arts Magazine. Listen to the podcast here.
SparkPower Corp Social Media
Sumer 2021. During my second summer at SparkPower I had the opportunity to be very involved in the creation and strategy in producing social media content across all of their active platforms (instagram, facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn). By utilizing features such as reels, stories, linktree, and branded gifs, I was able to significantly improve both engagement and therefore brand visibility. This was also another opportunity to gain experience working within brand guidelines. These posts were made with adobe tools including photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, and native app functions including instagram reels.
Sky Photos
Winter 2021. This photo tryptic was an exercise in combining elements and principles of art and design, as well as collaging images in photoshop. 
Picture Book Cover
Fall 2020. This children's book cover aims to give a modern twist that would be appealing to both parents and kids. The target demographic that I designed my kid’s book cover for is children between the ages of 3-8. Logo design trends that inspired my design were minimalism, simplification, and one colour design. This was made using Adobe Illustrator.
Spark Power Work
Summer 2020. Here are some examples of my work that are primarily communicative. These follow brand guidelines pretty closely, which is important especially at a company like Spark Power. I have found that there are sometimes challenges in text-heavy pieces finding a place for everything without sacrificing any of the elements. That being said, I like the puzzle. These individual projects were all made using Adobe illustrator.
Event Posters
2019-2020. I really enjoy making event posters, because I often have a lot of creative freedom to represent the event and create something eye catching and fun while communicating the relevant information. These were made using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
Frontline Posters
I made these at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, during a period of a lot of stress and creative block for both myself and most of the world using Adobe Illustrator. I challenged myself to use only a couple of spot colours and create a cohesive look through all of the individual posters. 
Bronwyn James' Portfolio

Bronwyn James' Portfolio


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