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    Comparative photo exhibition between China and Switzerland under the theme of happiness.
Looking at eachother, a photographer's exchange
Thephotographers, Zhu and de Pità spent three weeks around Bern-Interlaken andBeijing respectively, following the models they had chosen through networks ornewspaper announcements and classified ads. The photographs of each Chinesemodel are then put in a single frame together with photographs of a Swiss modelside by side. This comparative mode highlights similarities more thandifferences, showing the union between two people from different cultures.
14September 1950 is the date Switzerland and the People’s Republic of Chinaestablished diplomatic relations. The opening of the exhibition did take placeon the same date, in 2010, at the exact same time both in Switzerland (12h00)and China (18h00). The Swiss location was the Egdar Frei Private Gallery in Bernand the Chinese location was M.R. Gallery in Beijing.