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Annual Planner | 2021

Day Planner 2021

Client: Dev.Pro
Area: Software Development

About the project:
"JUST PLAN IT" is the concept that aims at helping workers to find the best balance between their professional and personal goals.

Each month is divided according to the company's corporate colors with a new cover and motivating design. All of them are interconnected - the next new one is a continuation of the previous one.
Besides the classic planner functions, there are special pages. For example, the "wheel of life" chart is a convenient and quick test to determine the areas where you have everything with a plus, and where you need to improve something.
 Also, there are pages for career purposes. It describes in detail the questions that you need to answer in order to understand where you are now, what you like in your place and what you don't; understand in which direction to move and prescribe tools to achieve this goal.

There are lots of planners in the world - dated, undated, checked, lined, etc. They all fall into two categories: a) beautiful, but unfunctional; b) functional, but ugly. Therefore, the goal was to create a design which is both: attractive and functional.

Spec: 268 pages; 145x210 mm
Inner pages: 120 gms
Cover: Embossed Cardboard; 380 gms
Typefaces: IBM Plex SansPF Centro Serif

Graphic design: Victoria Vigdis
Editing: Dev.Pro company

Kharkiv 2021

Thank you for your time!

Annual Planner | 2021