Songs That We Love
A little collaboration between illustrators from Fireart Studio. Each of us picked our favourite song and created an illustration based on what we felt while listening to it.

Turning on the song and enjoying it with an illustration is advised.

Illustration: Patryk Wojciechowicz
Song: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd​​​​​​​
Illustration: Julia Dobrokhod
Song: Wonderful Life - Hurts

Illustration: Maya Nguen
Song: Easy Easy - King Krule
Illustration: Dmytrij Hladkij
Song: Runaway - People Under the Stairs
Illustration: Dan Gartman
Song: Trainwreck Of Electro Swing - A Hat In Time Remix
Illustration: Mari Seroshtanova
Song: Neptune - FOALS
Songs That We Love