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Positive Posters design

Positive Posters 2013 - 'Passive'
This poster is for an international poster competition called Positive Posters which is an Australian-based non-profit organisation that aims to raise international awareness for global social issues with design. They achieve this by holding an annual poster competition every year.

This concept was about technology making us apparently more connected with smart phones, iPads to computer glasses but there is less eye contact in conversation and we all see the crowds walking or standing, all staring at their devices, rather than interacting with a stranger right next to them.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” - Albert Einstein

This poster design came 2nd, announced at the top 30 exhibition at 1,000 Pound Bend cafe/gallery. Judged by:

Dan Moore – London
Valerie Casey – San Francisco 
Ryan Fitzgibbon – New York
Robynne Raye – Seattle
WBYK – Sydney
Luis Coderque – Melbourne
Top 30 Positive Posters exhibition at Thousand Pound Bend cafe
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Positive Posters design

Positive Posters design

With this poster design, I wanted to make people realize how much they use their social devices, and miss out on personal, real interaction with Read More