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    Category: Kitchen Ustensile Client: / Completed: 2013
Food lovers most often face with a multitude of kitchen utensils, not always knowing what they are or how to use them. Most of us simply use them in a bad way or for functions that are not her own. Spats has been designed in order to make life easier for users by combining several tools into one, its sleek and modern design separates both visualy and aestheticly its different functions.
Spats is kitchen ustensile meant to minimaze the number of tools we are using in order to prepare a meal. It combines a spatula, a spoon and a turner. 
Use the flat part for turning meat slices to make sure that they’re evenly cooked and don’t burn. The blue rubberised  spatula part for cooking and baking. It is also great for stir-frying, sautéing, and cooking pasta. You can also use it to scoop up cookies after baking, flip burgers, or turn pancakes for exemple. The "spoon" curve part allows you to taste you chocolate sauce, custard or any liquid element ou are preparing.
Made of heat-resistant reinforced polyamide plastic and rubber Spats is perfect for cooking, and is dishwasher-safe. Finaly Spats is an ergonomically-designed products meant to be functional and efficient without sacrificing on the modern aesthetics.
Industrial Design : Julien Bergignat