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Listed by Bea & Renate
Name, visual identity and communication grid for a new hotel inspirational platform.  
We were looking for a visual identity that leads and seduces. An identity that is warm, personal, close by, but also worldly. A visual identity for a platform that feels personal, confidence-inspiring, but also authoritative and an authority. 
The concept 
Only the nicest, finest, most beautiful, tastiest hotels and accommodations + the real 'must do's' and 'must visits' in the area. Found for you, selected, embraced, Listed by Bea en Renate. The ultimate travel- and booking queens with an with excellent taste in hotels and bnb's.  

The name
We developed a name with which we catapult our way from the cute initiatives, from the happy flowery dresses, from the ordinary and the mediocre. A name that says exactly what it does without any frills and frills (given the context). A name that indicates, distinguishes, filters out gems, literally privileged: Listed. 
The identity
Colors and fonts that make our brand. ​​​​​​​
Communication style
Recognisable communication that can be easily translated online. Listed talks like your best friend. We created a tone of voice in copy and a explicit visual style. 

Rules, rules, rules.

Dream big.
@Romy Garnaat
Listed by Bea & Renate

Listed by Bea & Renate